Pricing Information

Pricing for Miniature Golf, Bumper Boats, Rock Climbing and X-Treme Trampoline

Ask for Kama`aina and Senior Rates
Activity Adult Child  
Golf (unlimited) $20/$17 $17/$14 Book Online Now!
Xtreme Trampoline (5 minute jump) $13 $11
Rock Climbing (2 climbs) $13 $11
Bumper Boats (10 minute ride) $13 $11
Big Kahuna
Unlimited golf plus 3 passes for either or any combination of rock climbing, bumper boats and/or trampoline.
$35/$32 $32/$29 Book Online Now!
Little Kahuna
Unlimited golf, your choice of climbing, boats, or trampoline.
$25/$22 $22/$19 Book Online Now!
Aloha Pack
The Aloha Pack is a bundle of 12 tickets that equal great savings!  Each ticket is good for one day of unlimited golf.  You may share your ticket with multiple persons.  No expiration.  The breakdown for the Aloha Pack is $12.50 for adults and $10.00 for children per ticket.
$150 $120 Book Online Now!
Menehune Pack
The Menehune Club Card is a bundle of 12 tickets that equals great savings!  Each ticket is good for one ride on the boats, rock climbing, or the trampoline!  You may share your tickets for big group savings!   No expiration.  The breakdown for a Menehune Pack per ticket is  $8.75 for adults and $7.08 for children.
$105 $85 Book Online Now!

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Update Regarding COVID-19

Staring Saturday, March 21st we will be CLOSED until further notice. 😩 As much as we want to keep our doors open to boost immune systems with fun and laughter with family and friends, we’re counting down the days until we can see you all again!